How to brand your internet in 3 easy steps

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How does branded internet work?

CAPTIVATE is PopUp WiFi’s Branded Internet Solution that turns your PopUp WiFi network into a robust marketing tool. With CAPTIVATE you can take your customers on a journey from an in-person event experience to the online destination of your choice in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Set your network name and optional password

Keep them memorable and on brand for full impact.

Step 2: Add a splash page

Customise with your own logo, images and brand colours for extra pop. You can even add custom data capture fields to grow your email list or run a contest. Download our splash page specs here or view our gallery of client splash page examples here.

Step 3: Redirect users any web page – automatically

Boost SEO rankings and get Auto-Hits on your site when users connect to the WiFi. Re-engage users later with a retargeting campaign.