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Reliable internet is essential to your corporate event’s success. Our conference and exhibition clients trust us to support critical functions like delegate registrations and access, check-in kiosks, scanning tickets, cashless transactions, running event apps and providing priority presenter internet.

Planning a fundraiser for your charity or school? Maximise your fundraising potential, support your volunteers and give guests a streamlined fundraising experience with powerful WiFi for silent auctions, online bidding, registrations, donations & payments.

It can be tempting to play it safe when you’re choosing a location for your production. We understand you only get one shot at events,  so we’ve built our managed WiFi service to help  you pull off your production anywhere, anytime, without a hitch.

You only get one take with live video streaming. That’s the element that makes it so appealing to viewers – the immediacy, the rawness. That’s why producers rely on us to optimise their network so they can concentrate on producing the show, while we take care of the internet.

The core of a good gig is the vibe, and it’s great internet that keeps that vibe flowing. Festival Directors rely on PopUp WiFi to make sure their people have the best experience from live streaming, back of house operations, cashless payments, VIP and artist internet and branded public WiFi.

Capture your customers’ hearts and get invaluable data insights with your own gorgeous branded WiFi perfect for pop-up stalls, VIP zones, branded lounge areas and road shows

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If your head’s buzzing with questions about how our temporary internet service can help boost your next event, you can check our FAQ section where we answer titillating tidbits like...

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Can I use the WiFi to collect customer’s email addresses for my database?

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Will there be live support to make sure everything runs smoothly for the duration of my event?

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How does temporary internet work?

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Will there be live support to make sure everything runs smoothly for the duration of my event?

We know every event is different, so check out this handy Product Comparison Checklist for a quick snapshot.

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