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Wouldn’t it be great if trusted and reliable event WiFi could travel with you? Well now it can.

No more checking if the WiFi at your next hotel or conference venue has enough clout to play your presentation video or taking a call about last minute problems with a live stream as you’re about to step onto a plane. Our fleet of portable WiFi units have expanded into new territories and we’ve already got international runs on the board with clients like Eventbrite and Innovation Bay, so you know we’ve got your back at home and when you’re on the go.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as carrying an extra bag on your travels. Before your event tour begins your PopUp Go or PopUp Express unit will be shipped straight to your office. Express units can be checked-in as regular
baggage with your airline and our Go Units can be checked or stowed in overhead compartments as carry on. When you reach your destination, our expert live support team will be ready and waiting for your call to make sure your unit is configured for your location and ready to go.

Where can I take my event WiFi?

You can jump on a plane with your PopUp WiFI unit going to any of the destinations below. Check back for new countries, you never know where we’ll pop up next!

Countries PopUp WiFi Services - USA
Countries PopUp WiFi Services - Australia
Countries PopUp WiFi Services - New Zealand

Still have questions about how you can travel with your PopUp WiFi unit? Things like...

How much does a unit weigh?

Will my PopUp WiFi work the same on my road show as at home?

Will I be able to go through security at the airport?

Do PopUp WiFi units get travel sick?

Check out our FAQ section for the answer to these questions and more…

Here’s what some of our globetrotting customers are saying about our units as travel companions...

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